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2017 AD STARS Creative Camp

Creative Camp is a program for
‘developing creativity and Competition’
We encourage the teenagers, who want to improve
their creativity, participation in this program.

In the Creative Camp, not only creative leaders will share
their experiences and creative solutions with the participants
but also the most creative idea will be awarded among
all participants.

Name of event AD STARS Creative Camp 2017. Event schedule Friday, July 21 ~ Saturday, July 22 / 1night 2days
Event venue Busan Youth Hostel Arpina. Event details The basic education related to the development of the creativity, practice, contest, recreation, and awarding.
Participation qualifications The senior high school students nationwide (Application by 2 persons in 1 team. The organization is possible without any distinguishing of the school and the grade). Number of persons selected 80 persons in 40 teams.
Provisions Lodging (1 night) and meals (4 meals) provided. The awards and the benefits
  • Grand prize, excellence award, and creativity award.
  • The certification of the completion of the educational program is provided to all the participants.
  • The exhibition of the prize-winning works (Including the participating works) during the time period of the 2017 AD STARS.
Co-hosts Busan Metropolitan City Office of Education AD STARS Sponsors Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism Busan Metropolitan City.