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Entries should be submitted in English.

Recommended internet environment for entry is as follows.

  • Windows OS


    Internet explorer 11
    Firefox 3.5 and above
    Google chrome 25.0 above

  • Mac OS


    Firefox 3.5 and above
    Safari 5.1 above

Safari, Firefox's, please install the latest version of the Flash Player.

I agree with rules and regulations.


  • All the materials submitted become the property of the AD STARS and cannot be returned.
  • Each entrant authorizes the AD STARS Organizing Committee to screen or publish his/her ads without charge at public or private presentations, wherever and as often as the Organizing Committee think fit.
  • Each entrant undertakes to allow the lending or selling by the AD STARS Organizing Committee of the entries to any interested public or private organization with a view to promoting the AD STARS either directly or indirectly.
  • Any entry may be compiled by the AD STARS Organizing Committee into a collection of entries.
  • Winners have the right to use any award given to them for promotional purposes on condition that this is correctly described.
  • Each entrant confirms to the AD STARS Organizing Committee that they have the legal right to enter the AD STARS on the terms of these Entry Rules. Each entrant indemnifies the Organizing Committee against all liability to any other person, firm or company and all loss arising from a breach by the entrant of any of these rules.
  • The competition entrants permit AD STARS Organizing Committee to use trademarks, animated characters and promotional items from the advertising submissions for the purposes mentioned above free of charge.
  • The AD STARS Organizing Committee will possess the copyright to the entered works and to any photographs and any copies made of said work and may use the work in any broadcast, exhibition, publication or other media indefinitely.
  • If a third party wishes to publish/broadcast or copy the entered ad(s), AD STARS Organizing Committee retains the licensing fee.
  • The exhibitors should have all the licenses using the music expressed in his/her exhibit or should be able to certify it.
  • The exhibitors, in disclosing his/her exhibits selected as the assignee and license of AD STARS Organizing Committee, may not affect their works nor create any additional expenses.
  • Entrants should be able to provide AD STARS Organizing Committee with a notarization on the authorization of acceptance for all the rights related to the exhibit.
  • AD STARS Organizing Committee understands that the exhibitors agreed not to ask for any expenses / payment related to the act that is conducted for the aforementioned purpose at the time of exhibition.