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How To Apply

Apply for Young Stars AD Competition 2019

Young Stars AD Competition is the first college student advertising competition
in the world. Its goal is development of International human resource and finding
excellent personnel who represent from all over the world. It will be held for
4 days during the AD STARS. Submission will be fairly judged by the experts in
advertising industry.

Registration deadline (Submission of Application and Portfolio)

  • Entry : 1 April - 23 May, 2019
  • Announcement : 11 June, 2019 (On AD STARS’ web and individual contact)

Eligible participants

  • Domestic or overseas university students (including student on a leave of absence)
  • Graduate students (except Ph.D)
  • Students of AD or Design related major,etc.
  • Individuals or less than three members of the team

Registration in detail

  • Participating application: AD STARS website → YOUNG STARS → Click Apply → Complete → Submit → Complete the application(Only in English)
  • Portfolio: Must be converted into PDF files put together as a single file, and upload (Number of portfolios are not limited)
  • Winning certification: The other contest winner has to scan and combine with one PDF file.
  • ※ Upload the portfolio and winning certification capacity of 20MB or less on the entry form.

Selection criteria

  • Application: Clear reasons for applying, award winning career, introduction of your team, sincerity toward Youngstars
  • Portfolio: Your submitted portfolio will be judged by experts in advertising industry.

Benefits for the selected team

  • Qualifications of participated in Young Stars Main Competition
  • Participate to AD STARS 2019
  • Accommodations and meals will be provided

※ Airfare and transportation costs are not inclusive.

Registration fee for AD STARS

  • 300,000 KRW or USD300$ per person (It goes only for final participants)

Awards and benefits

  • Gold, Silver, Bronze, Special award from Judges
  • participating internship (Gold/Silver/Bronze)

※ The benefits can be changed

Inquiry about your participation

  • Contact : Tel: 82-51-623-5539 / E-mail: zannylee@adstars.org