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Young Stars AD Competition

Apply for Young Stars AD Competition 2019

1Registration deadline (Submission of Application and Portfolio)

  • Entry : 1 April - 23 May, 2019
  • Announcement : 11 June, 2019 (On AD STARS’ web and individual contact)

2Eligible participants

  • Domestic or overseas university students (including student on a leave of absence)
  • Graduate students (except Ph.D)
  • Students of AD or Design related major,etc.
  • Individuals or less than three members of the team

3Registration in detail

  • Participating application: AD STARS website → YOUNG STARS → Click Apply → Complete → Submit → Complete the application(Only in English)
  • Portfolio: Must be converted into PDF files put together as a single file, and upload (Number of portfolios are not limited)
  • Winning certification: The other contest winner has to scan and combine with one PDF file.
  • Upload the portfolio and winning certification capacity of 20MB or less on the entry form.

4Selection criteria

  • Application: Clear reasons for applying, award winning career, introduction of your team, sincerity toward Youngstars
  • Portfolio: Your submitted portfolio will be judged by experts in advertising industry.

5Benefits for the selected team

  • Qualifications of participated in Young Stars Main Competition
  • Participate to AD STARS 2019
  • Accommodations and meals will be provided
  • Airfare and transportation costs are not inclusive.

6Registration fee for AD STARS

  • 300,000 KRW or USD300$ per person (It goes only for final participants)

7Awards and benefits

  • Gold, Silver, Bronze, Special award from Judges
  • participating internship (Gold/Silver/Bronze)
  • The benefits can be changed

8Inquiry about your participation

  • Contact : Tel: 82-51-623-5539 / E-mail: