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Title World's First Kawaii Miso Soup
Enter Category Film Craft > Art direction/production design
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Miso, a traditional Japanese food item, has been a pillar of Japanese food culture for over 1300 years. However, over the last 45 years the per capita consumption has decreased by 50%. Young people seeking careers with miso manufacturers have also decreased. Therefore Marukome felt it first necessary to have young people regain an interest in miso. The idea was the "The World's First Kawaii Miso Soup". The packaging was made cute, and then the miso itself was made cute. How can miso be made cute? Just as young girls who are constantly told they are "Kawaii!" get cuter, we called the miso "Kawaii!" We created a special robotic miso barrel that gathers voices and held events in Tokyo, Lon

Brand World's First Kawaii Miso Soup Agency DENTSU
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