VMLY&R / Chief Creative Officer Asia Valerie Madon

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Valerie Madon

ColensoBBDO / Chief Creative Officer Levi Slavin

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Levi Slavin


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I'm Drinking it For You

We were tasked with releasing a new beer into an already crowded low-carb beer market; a market dominated by international beer brands who were running functional, health centric messaging aimed predominantly at men. Our objective, was to gain a significant market share in the first 6 months, or risk having the beer discontinued.

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Cascadia Launch

Freightliner is about to release an all-new version of their top selling truck in Australia. The New Generation Cascadia is equipped with all the bells and whistles. On the 21st of November, the who’s who of the trucking world was introduced to the brand new Cascadia at a massive launch party in Sydney. To accompany the physical unveiling of the vehicle, we were commissioned to create a compelling and dynamic film, which would then be projected onto screens throughout the venue. Elegant and considered animation was utilized to highlight the new tech, features and quality of the vehicle and in order to convey a hand-crafted, miniature model look, we anchored the lighting in a soft realistic atmosphere.