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“Shift” - The theme of AD STARS 2021

The world is changing at breakneck speed, and the future is full of uncertainties. The COVID-19 pandemic, which swept across the world last year, has touched every aspect of our lives.

The lifestyles across the globe have undergone dramatic changes, and the paradigm shift is accelerating.

The advertising industry cannot be free from this trend. As direct contact is being avoided, promotional activities requiring the presence of a large audience cannot take place any more. Advertising budgets of corporations continue to decrease, and the advertising industry is suffering a heavy blow. We need to come up with a breakthrough for survival. Consumers no longer explore the world on foot but with both thumbs.

The advertising industry, among others, requires a rapid paradigm shift.

The pandemic is not a passing phenomenon and will not be put to an end in the near future. The pandemic turned a whole-new chapter in history. We must brace ourselves for the world in the with-COVID-19 era.

The combination of accelerating digital evolution and the outbreak of the pandemic is clearly anticipated to trigger more dramatic changes throughout the future in the marketing and advertising environment.

In this context, AD STARS 2021 selected “Shift” as its theme to reflect on changes brought to consumers, products and services, and marketing communication by digital evolution and the new normal resulting from the pandemic.

Join the AD STARS 2021 and share the opinions and viewpoints of global leaders on the shift required for the with-COVID-19 era.

집행위원장 이미지
Park Heong-joon
Mayor of Busan Metropolitan City
집행위원장 이미지
Hwanjin Choi


Overview of AD STARS 2021

  • Event
    AD STARS 2021
  • Time
    25 - 27 Aug 2021
  • Venue
    AD STARS 2021 will be held online
  • Host
    AD STARS Organizing Committee
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