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1. Collection and use of personal information (Required)
In accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act (enforced 2 March 2011, Act no. 10465), applications can be accepted only after the applicant has given consent for the collection and use of personal information as follows:

1. Objectives of collection and use of personal information
Please confirm that your personal information collected by MAD STARS Organizing Committee may be processed as described below for management of your application, including confirming identity, distinguishing individual participants from others, determining eligibility, sending notices to applicants, extending invitations to the awards ceremony and sending cash prizes to award winners, registering copyrights for the works, personalized services like statistics on entries and participant management, sending notices for upcoming competitions and newsletters, and ensuring smooth communication with the applicants.

2. Collected personal information
1) Required: Name, gender, nationality, e-mail address, contact information (mobile phone number), address, date of birth, team name and details of affiliation

3. Entrustment of processing of personal information
For a variety of conveniences, MAD STARS Organizing Committee has entrusted these matters to the following agency:
* Company Name: e-ncom
* Party responsible for protecting personal information: Jeonghwa Sohn
* Address: 6F, 290, Daedong-ro, Sasang-gu, Busan, Republic of Korea
* Phone number: +82-51-932-0001
* Objectives: Provision of all services necessary for smooth implementation of the competition, including but not limited to: development of online system of competition and maintenance of website; user identification; managing lists of award winners and related history; management of individual users; statistical analysis of data; looking up award winners

Through written contracts and other means, MAD STARS conducts its management activities in compliance with pertinent privacy laws, confidentiality concerning the use of personal information, entrustment period, and return or destruction of personal information after its use has been fulfilled.

4. Means for collecting personal information
1) When submitting an application for the competition at the official website, personal information is collected.

5. Personal information retention and use period
1) Reasons for retaining personal information: Releasing lists of applicants and award winners; sending notices of upcoming competitions and newsletters; publishing award winners of previous competitions; marketing; statistical analysis of applications; and other reasons for use of the service of MAD STARS.
2) Personal information retention period: Data will be destroyed 5 years after end of competition (note: if another rule is stipulated in pertinent laws, that rule takes precedence); if it is judged that retention of the information should be extended, such an action would proceed only with the prior consent of the owner of the information.

6. Rights
According to the Personal Information Protection Act, I have the right to decline to consent to the collection of my personal information. An individual declining to consent to the collection of personal information cannot apply to the competition or submit their works.
2. Agreement to third-party copyright-related issues and ownership and use of the works (Required)
1. Issues regarding third-party copyright
- I confirm that the submitted work is an original one that has never been submitted to other competitions or publicly released, and does not imitate or borrow from other works.
- I agree that, even after the awards ceremony, if it is found that I have participated falsely or untruthfully or have been awarded through illegitimate means such as plagiarism, the award will be rescinded and any unjust gains, including cash prize and award certificate, will be returned to MAD STARS. I furthermore agree to compensate for any damages incurred to MAD STARS.

2. Copyright attribution
- Applicants hold the copyright of works you submit. All of works associated with submissions become the property of MAD STARS and will not be returned.
- Entries may be used for promotional marketing purposes by MAD STARS after the competition.

3. Consent for the use of the work
- I give consent for my submitted work to be used for purposes within the scope of what is necessary to fulfill the aims and objectives of the competition, including reproduction, exhibition, publication (in online, print, or other formats), and promotion. Permission to use any trademarks, animated characters, and promotional materials featured in the submitted work shall be freely provided at no charge to MAD STARS, to the extent necessary to meet the aforementioned objectives. I have read and agree to all the above details and want to participate in “New Stars AD Competitions” hosted by MAD STARS Organizing Committee.
3. Confirmation of recognition of matters to be aware of (Required)
- Even idea works submitted to MAD STARS Place Brand can be submitted in accordance with the regulations of this contest
- Individuals can participate in other teams and submit multiple works regardless of category.
- There is no limit to the number of entries, and multiple entries are available for individuals or teams.
- All submitted work must be original and must be written in English.
- If the submitted works contains detailed personal information such as the company, name, etc., it will be excluded from the competition.
- Review scores are not open to the public and nobody can dispute the results.
- All submitted works must be original. Works digressing from the main theme of the competition, violating the required standards of the competition, or having already been publicly shown in full or in part are excluded from competition; if noncompliance or violation of these requirements is discovered after the awards ceremony, the award will be rescinded and prizes returned.
- The submitted work must not entail any legal issues regarding portrait rights, copyrights, intellectual property rights, use of audio sources or fonts, rental rights, property rights, and so forth. If such issues arise, the applicant is solely responsible for any associated dispute.
- Works that fail to meet the standards of the competition, including those that have already been awarded in other competitions or which can be characterized as theft/adaption/plagiarism of other works, are excluded from competition. If such a violation is discovered, even after the awards ceremony, the award will be rescinded and all gains (prize certificate and cash prize) returned.
- To prevent imitations and plagiarized works from being awarded, the awarded works are to be publicly disclosed online to allow an appeal period for objections to be raised.
- The judges may conclude that some of the awards have no suitable recipient. The number of award winners may vary depending on the level of the submitted entries.
- Award winners must submit the original file needed for the further use of the work before receiving the award certificate and cash prize. Failing to submit this may lead to exclusion from receiving the award.
- The personal information of the applicant will not be used for any purposes unrelated to the management of the competition.
- All documents related to the competition application must be completed truthfully in good faith. Upon signing the consent form, the applicant is assumed to have fully understood and agreed to all matters regarding personal information and copyright contained therein.
- The applicant is responsible for any problems or issues arising from inadequate understanding of these notices and cautions.
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