Sharing the Creative Solution, Change the World!

We are drowning in information but starved for knowledge. Then where can we find the proper knowledge?
MAD STARS presents and shares MAD solutions to various social problems through conveying marketing and advertising campaigns.

Learn know-how from award-winning marketers and creators. You can learn various practical skills that you never knew at the Global MAD Academy.

Only 10 weeks! Invest your time, become an expert!

About Global MAD Academy

Global MAD Academy is an integrated practical training platform covering the latest trends in global Marketing, Advertising and Digital Contents.
Featuring the world's best instructors, its video format is ideal for the post-coronavirus era.
The Global MAD Academy is run by AD STARS, an international festival that combines creativity with cutting-edge technology, and celebrates creative solutions that promote positive change in the world.


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    Easy accessibility from around the world through an online-centered hybrid education program

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    A global academy with the world's best instructors in each industry

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    Top graduates will be invited to take part in job networking events held on-site special during AD STARS 2023 in Busan, South Korea.

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    Receive credit for degree programs from eligible domestic and foreign universities (TBD)

Who should apply?

1MAD industry professionals

2University students and graduates who wish to work in a MAD industry

Key dates: Global MAD Academy 2022


2Where: Online website(

3Number of students: 50 person per class(Closing Registration in order of payment)

4Application period:

5Language: English

6Class hours: Total 200 minutes (20 minutes per week, 10 weeks)

7Tuition fee: $1 (AD STARS offers a discount until this year, helping to grow talent in the MAD industry. Full fees will apply from 2023.)


Class Tutor
All Tigers Have Different Stripes
Ankur Kalita Ankur Kalita
6 Mile
Executive Creative Director
Creative Advertising Copywriting
Josie_Burns Josie Burns
Creative Director
Creative Work in Advertising with Social, Ecological Aspects
Gabor Spielmann Gabor Spielmann
Creative Director / Partner
Get Creative with Vertical Storytelling
Guan Hin Tay Guan Hin Tay
Chief Creative Officer
Innovation by Design
Brett_Macfarlane Brett Macfarlane
Position for Change
Birger Linke Birger Linke
Birger Linke Design
Chief Creative Officer

Recruitment may be canceled if there are not enough students.

Completion criteria and benefits

1Completion criteria: To graduate from the Global MAD Academy, complete 80% or more of all online classes and submit all assignments.