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Young Stars AD Competition is the world’s first college student advertising competition and aims to find and support promising future creatives around the world.

Young Stars AD Competition is a program that submits fresh ideas based on the theme of the contest in which university students from all over the world participate.

Submitted works will be judged fairly by global in-service advertising experts.
Winners selected through the contest will be offered internship opportunities along with benefits for each award, and the award-winning works will be used as promotional materials.

  • Topic
    A suggestion of ad campaign ideas to attract successful 2030 Busan World Exposition
    ※ World Exposition?
    Large global scale event also called ‘EXPO’. It is one of the 3 world festivals in which many countries participate, the festival is hosted by governments.

  • Application Period
    17 June(Fri) - 31 July(Sun) 2022, 23:59(KST)
  • Eligibility
    Individual or Team (A maximum of 4)
    University students from all over the world including students on a leave of absence
    Graduate students except Ph.D
    Student majors are unrelated
  • Prize and Benefit
    Prize Number Benefit
    Gold 1 KRW 5,000,000 & Trophy
    Silver 1 Trophy
    Bronze 2 Trophy
    Crystal 3 Certificate
    Special 1 Certificate
    - 20% discount for MADSTARS 2022 PASS to entrants (only preregistration)
    - Providing internship opportunities
    - Actual advertisement execution of award-winning campaign (Requires consultation with sponsors)
    - Opportunity to participate in overseas promotion of AD STARS for Gold Winners
    - Provides special promotion opportunities for award-winning works and portfolios using a pool of over 2,000 AD STARS judges
    - Providing 2022 Global Mad Academy course for 40 entrants by order of receipt (1 person per 1course), detailed information will be noticed soon.
      *the Global Mad Academy is:
    An integrated practical training platform for global advertising, marketing, digital, technology, and video fields.
    Directly trained by world-famous incumbent advertisers/marketers.
  • Participation fee
    No charge
  • Winners Announcement
    27 August 2022, will be announced in AD STARS Awards
  • Information


  • Ideas using video media such as TV and theater, viral video advertising, etc.
  • Select between Video file or Storyboard
  • Video
    - 1280*720
    - 50MB or less
    - max 2 minutes
    - MP4(H.264)
  • Storyboard in Organizer's designated Form
    - Less than 15 cuts
    - Less than 10MB
    - PDF
  • X
  • print_icon
    • Advertising using all print media, including newspapers, magazines, posters, etc.
    • Select between Print ad or Presentation board
    • Up to 3000*2000pixel not related to vertical and horizontal
    • Less than 5MB
    • JPG
  • O
  • outdoor_icon
    • Advertising using all outdoor environments, including public transportation, screen doors, ambient, street sculptures, etc.
    • Presentation board
    • Create and upload as a presentation board(title/background/target/ideas freely organized)
    • Up to 3000*2000pixel not related to vertical and horizontal
    • Less than 5MB
    • JPG
  • O
  • online_icon
    • Advertisements using all online channels, including mobile, web, and interactive channels
  • O
  • creative_icon
    • Advertisements or solutions through new technologies, methods, or objects in addition to existing advertising media.
  • X
  • planning_icon
    • Strategy Planning for Advertising Campaign and Communication
    • Planning Paper
    • Less than 35 pages
    • Less than 10MB
    • PDF
  • X
  • * All submissions should be in English.
    • Judges
    • Previous Judges & Mentors