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New Stars AD Competition is a program in which professionals from all over the world, including advertising, marketing and public relations.

Submitted works will be judged fairly by global In-service advertising experts.
The winners selected through the contest will receive benefits for each award, and the award-winning works will be used as promotional materials.

  • Topic
    A suggestion of ad campaign ideas to attract successful 2030 Busan World Exposition
    ※ World Exposition?
    Large global scale event also called ‘EXPO’. It is one of the 3 world festivals in which many countries participate, the festival is hosted by governments.

  • Application Period
    17 June(Fri) - 31 July(Sun) 2022, 23:59(KST)
  • Eligibility
    Individual or Team (A maximum of 2)
    5 years or less professionals related in the marketing, PR and advertising field
  • Prize and Benefit
    Prize Number Benefit
    Gold 1 KRW 5,000,000 & Trophy
    Silver 1 Trophy
    Bronze 1 Trophy
    Crystal 2 Certificate
    - 20% discount for MADSTARS 2022 PASS to entrants (only preregistration)
    - Actual advertisement execution of award-winning campaign (Requires consultation with sponsors)
    - Opportunity to participate in overseas promotion of AD STARS for Gold Winners
    - Provides special promotion opportunities for award-winning works and portfolios using a pool of over 2,000 AD STARS judges
    - Providing 2022 Global Mad Academy course for 40 entrants by order of receipt (1 person per 1course), detailed information will be noticed soon.
      *the Global Mad Academy is:
    An integrated practical training platform for global advertising, marketing, digital, technology, and video fields.
    Directly trained by world-famous incumbent advertisers/marketers.
  • Participation fee
    No charge
  • Winners Announcement
    27 August 2022, will be announced in AD STARS Awards
  • Information


  • Ideas using video media such as TV and theater, viral video advertising, etc.
  • Select between Video file or Storyboard
  • Video
    - 1280*720
    - 50MB or less
    - max 2 minutes
    - MP4(H.264)
  • Storyboard in Organizer's designated Form
    - Less than 15 cuts
    - Less than 10MB
    - PDF
  • X
  • print_icon
    • Advertising using all print media, including newspapers, magazines, posters, etc.
    • Select between Print ad or Presentation board
    • Up to 3000*2000pixel not related to vertical and horizontal
    • Less than 5MB
    • JPG
  • O
  • outdoor_icon
    • Advertising using all outdoor environments, including public transportation, screen doors, ambient, street sculptures, etc.
    • Presentation board
    • Create and upload as a presentation board(title/background/target/ideas freely organized)
    • Up to 3000*2000pixel not related to vertical and horizontal
    • Less than 5MB
    • JPG
  • O
  • online_icon
    • Advertisements using all online channels, including mobile, web, and interactive channels
  • O
  • creative_icon
    • Advertisements or solutions through new technologies, methods, or objects in addition to existing advertising media.
  • X
  • planning_icon
    • Strategy Planning for Advertising Campaign and Communication
    • Planning Paper
    • Less than 35 pages
    • Less than 10MB
    • PDF
  • X
  • * All submissions should be in English.
    • Judges
    • Previous Judges